Industrial diving and salvage 

We are a leading company attending sea accidents, working with the insurance policies of the principal insurance and reinsurance companies.

We own a vast sock of equipment and salvage materials (ships, diving equipment, compressors, pumps, pontoons, among others).

Our divers are capable of working in a 50 meters depth, in the most extreme visibility conditions.

OBRAMAR also specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of multiboy bollards and underwater pipes.

We are authorized by DICAPI to develop security inspections and to provide the correspondent certificate.


Having initiated as a branch of a maritime agency, OBRAMAR also provides those services. Attention to tankers, support during the loading and unloading of hydrocarbon.

We can attend ships all over the Peruvian coast, with our subagents in every port.


Marina designs, sporty ports, docks, breakwaters, driven stakes, sheet piling, ground consolidation and similar works in order to release projects “hand-key” which means covering all necessary services from oceanic (waves, wind, flow, design) studies to work execution itself.

For that we have an engineering staff, and association with international companies


We have a full, high technology equipment for cleaning, oil spillage mitigation, in the sea, rivers and lakes.

We elaborate Environmental impact studies to promote the proper use of the aquatic reserve.


We have specialized staff ( Operatos and Engineers) and equipments to offer dredging service in Perú.

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