Our company started as a branch of a maritime agency, founden in 1987, and got independent as an autonomus company in 1997. We have been serving the peruvian maritime community for over 27 years, always characterized for our efficiency, punctuality and competitive prices. Our clients list includes shipping lines, oil companies, port construction companies, energy companies, hydraulic reservoirs, mining companies, insurance companies, and geothecnical companies.

Our team includes specialized personnel, ships, naval equipment, and necessary equipment that allows us to finish all of the maritime work commissioned by our clients, as well as our own proyects.

We are associated with important international companies for the designing ports proyects, and the geotechnical studies.



To offer maritime services such as: Salvage, maritime Works, construction, ship maintenance and reparation, inspections, tug service, oil spillage, among others, emphasizing in the safety and health of our workers and the environment in our daily activities.



To become national leaders providing services to the maritime, lake and river community, energy, insurance and construction. As well as respond immediately to any emergency/contingency.


Quality policy 

Our integral policy manifests by our full commitment with our internal and external clients in the maritime, lake and river community, reservoirs and hydroelectric plants, and fulfill their needs and expectations.

For that we promote high quality culture and labor risks prevention in our organization, based on quality system, motivation, human resource development, permanent improving commitment, environmental care and seek for the security and health of our team.

We do also observe the fulfillment of norms, rules and laws applicable to our activities:


  • Licencia de agencia marítima (Dicapi)
  • Licencia de Buceo (CSUB2)
  • Licencia de salvamento (CSALV)

  • Transporte de personas en el mar
  • Buceo a nivel nacional (APN)